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DX News December 2008

READING INTERNATIONAL RADIO GROUP Three more dates have now been booked for next year, they are February 7, April 18 and June 6.

ABKHAZIA Abkhazian Radio heard at 0500-0600 on usual 9494.7 November 24 but also in parallel with same power level on clear channel 9535. At 0700 only 9494.7 was still in progress in Russian language, but 9535 was off. (Wolfgang Bueschel)

AFGHANISTAN Radio Solh is scheduled 0200-0300 on 5925 via Dhabbaya as well as the transmissions listed in last months DX News. (Dragan Lekic, Serbia, DX Listening Digest)

ALBANIA Radio Tirana has moved its morning Albanian transmission from 7105 in the soon to be exclusively amateur 7100 to 7200 band, it is now using 7360 for the broadcast at 0730-1000. The station is now using 7425, ex 9345, for the 0100-0130 Albanian and 0130-0200 English transmissions to North America. (Wolfgang Bueschel)

BULGARIA Apparently the high power medium wave and shortwave transmitters in Bulgaria are now usually run at reduced power, 300 instead of 500 and 170 instead of 250 kW. (Kai Ludwig, Germany, DX Listening Digest)

Healthy world

They had a problem with a defective transmitter last month, malfunctioning exciter causing an awful warble. This was reported in DX Listening Digest by Glenn Hauser, Wolfgang Bueschel and Kai Ludwig among others. Ivo Ivanov, their frequency manager wrote that the problem was fixed as of November 26 and thanked all for their monitoring. Glenn also reported a similarly malfunctioning Russian transmitter on 5900, the same frequency Radio Bulgaria uses to North America, which has not been fixed as of deadline.

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