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DX News March 2009

AFGHANISTAN Radio Solh transmissions via VTC Merlin have been cancelled. We can only wonder if this PsyOp has been a casualty of the new administration in Washington, although it seems unlikely that would be much of an Obama priority; but saving our taxpayer money is called for. This was the most redundant service on earth, playing exactly the same content day after day. Might cost less to give every Afghan a CD of it. (Glenn Hauser, DX Listening Digest)

Checking the IBB Monitoring website I found that the last transmission ended at 1800 on January 23. (Dragan Lekic, Serbia, ibid)

And the next working day (in the US), Monday 26 January, VOA expands its overnight service to Afghanistan and Pakistan. There may not be an exact correlation in terms of costs, but perhaps the idea of ending one project and shifting the funds to another one might have appealed to a tidy bureaucratic mind. (Chris Greenway, UK, DX Listening Digest)

have not heard their transmissions from within Afghanistan on 6700 for days. (Al Muick, Afghanistan, January 29, DX Listening Digest)

The 6700 transmissions have not been heard here since at least the beginning of 2009. (Jari Savolainen, Finland, ibid)

A media survey which was carried out in Afghanistan in January 2008 found that shortwave is still the predominant radio medium for listeners across the country, with 55% of those who ever use radio using shortwave, 52% using FM, and 46% using medium wave. The survey found that rural listeners were more likely to use short, medium, and long wave. (VTC Communications Newsletter via NASB via DX Listening Digest)

FRANCE Radio France International (RFI) was due to stop programmes in German, Polish, Serbocroatian, Albanian and Laotian January 31. They also plan to cut 242 out of 1042 job positions, including 106 journalists. The station had a deficit of 9 million Euros in 2008. The French government is willing to provide additional funds for RFI but requires the station to be “modernised”. (Press reports via Kai Ludwig, DX Listening Digest)

The weekly magazine Telerama magazine says that RFI has a low profile in France, as it can't be heard outside of Paris and that few French people know that RFI broadcasts in 20 languages. The management made the decision to drop language services as they had little audience. RFI's priority languages will now be French, English, Portuguese, Hausa, Swahili and Arabic. In the coming months, they propose to expand offerings in Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Persian and Vietnamese, doing so with reduced staff. RFI had an estimated 27.8 million listeners in Africa in 2007, 10.5 million in the Middle East, 4.2 million in the Americas, 2.2 million in Europe and 1.7 million in Asia. (Mike Cooper, Georgia, ibid)