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DX News January 2009

READING INTERNATIONAL RADIO GROUP The next meeting will be on February 7 in the Main Hall or Room 3, Reading International Solidarity Centre, 35-39 London Street, Reading at 2.30 p.m. Amongst other items we will be continuing our look at pre-war shortwave broadcast listening. For more information email me or phone 01462 643899.

ALBANIA Radio Tirana has changed antenna orientation for the 1945-2000 English broadcast on 7465 from non directional to 300 degrees. English to North America 0130-0145 is now on 7425 replacing 9345. (Glenn Hauser, DX Listening Digest)

ARGENTINA Is the Argentine time signal station LOL on 10000 still being heard during certain hours? Have not seen it reported for a long time. (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

AUSTRALIA Radio Australia mentioned that there was an online survey about their future. (Edwin Southwell)

It’s a wide ranging survey, the ABC and Australia’s future, as part of the consultations on ABC’s 2009-2012 funding. One of the questions is: Should the ABC expand its international services and if so, in what form? Later it says: The national broadcasters use a mix of platforms to deliver their international services: shortwave broadcasts, FM retransmissions, direct-to-home satellite, cable and online. In light of rapid changes in technology it is reasonable to consider whether this platform mix remains the most efficient and cost-effective way of projecting Australian values and perspectives to overseas audiences. For example, in relation to Radio Australia, it may be useful to consider whether shortwave radio will still be relevant in 2020, or whether resources would be better directed toward FM retransmission, online delivery or satellite distribution.

Construction has continued at a good pace on the new International Broadcast Facility. Most of the towers for four of the new antennas are in place and it’s starting to look like a real antenna farm. Over 250 cubic meters of concrete have been poured for the tower bases and guy wire anchors. We hope to build and erect these four big antennas between April and July 2009. (Kununurra Update by David Maindonald, December HCJB News via DXLD)

DX Partyline on HCJB Australia is now at 0800 Saturday on 11750 due to complaints, it was at 1300 which is midnight in Eastern Australia. (Chris Hambly, Johno Wright, DXLD)

AUSTRIA ORF's Radio 1476 on mediumwave closed down at the end of 2008. The special programming at present carried there will remain online and probably be expanded.

ORS, the Austrian transmitter operator, plans to remove the former 585 kHz mast at the Bisamberg mediumwave site because it would have to be reconstructed and is no longer needed. This does not affect the availability of 1476, ORS emphasizes that it could still be used by another broadcaster. ORS said that it is planned to keep five hours a days of ORF on shortwave in the long term. The airtime at Moosbrunn no longer used by ORF will be offered to other customers; ORS does not intend to close the site. (Kai Ludwig, Germany, DXLD)